Become patron of a sheep

Unique in Belgium!!! Where else today can you become patron of a real Belgian milk sheep? In Acremont of course.

Let us enlighten you: Today, if you are a young person who buys a farm and plans to transform it to your own project with everything under one roof: milking stalls, cheese making facilities, reception area for your customers, gîte, etc., you quickly encounter many expensive investments, set by the norms for food processing, fire safety, a.o. These investments make a lot of sense but obviously do not come cheap. For example: Large areas of tiling above 250m2 in the cheese making area require a special type of (expensive) grouting. The access door into the cheese making area must be of a specially approved design – about 10 x the price of the other doors. We also need specially approved mouse traps in order to make our farm an impenetrable fortress for such pests. This area also requires a shower placed within a double door access air lock. There is no situation for which they haven’t dreamt up a regulation.

As we wish to be as independent as possible from the bank for all these investments, we have set up a system of patron contracts. In brief, these allow the customer to pay for purchases in advance. It is a bit like a newspaper subscription or a public transport season ticket where you pay in advance. At our farm you can also pay up front for a specified period to enjoy our sheep delicacies.

How does it work? You pay 375€ which allows you to buy products from the farm or market for a 3-year period. Your expenses will be carefully monitored so that both parties have a clear overview. Each year you may spend up to 125€ per year for the 3-year period. This will be set out in a beautiful contract. In the meantime several of our regular customers have already become patrons of a sheep and thus increased their involvement in the farm. For further info you may contact us directly.

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