Our products

Below is an overview of our products. All dairy products, ice cream and cheese consist of 100% sheep milk. There is no addition of other kinds of milk, additives or preservatives.


  • Sheep milk, raw (keeps 3 days) or pasteurised (keeps 10 days in 1 litre bottles)
  • Yoghourt natural : 500 g
  • Yoghourt with fruit: 150g (choice of flavours: peach-passion fruit, fig-banana, raspberry, apple-raisin-cinnamon, apple-kiwi, four fruits)
  • Yoghourt drink with cherries : 250 ml
  • Tzatziki (Greek cucumber salad prepared with sheep yoghurt)
  • Le Caprice de la Bergère nature (spreadable fresh cheese, something between yoghurt and cottage cheese)
  • Le Caprice de la Bergère with sun dried tomatoes and oregano
  • Cottage cheese nature : 250 g
  • Cottage cheese with chives : 250 g
  • Fleur d’Acremont nature (crottin of sheep milk)
  • Fleur d’Acremont with herbs: 4 peppers, curry-sesame, rosemary and savoury, black pepper, cendré
  • Ricotta: by special order only
  • Fetarella (melts like mozzarella, in cubes like feta)
  • Milk whey: 500 ml
  • Vanilla pudding
  • Rice pudding
  • Sheep milk jam: natural and chocolate

Yoghourt Yoghourt Yoghourt Preparing cheese Preparing cheese Preparing cheese Preparing cheese Preparing cheese


Hard cheeses:

  • Passe-partout de brebis (like Gouda)
  • Le Comte de Acremont (raclette)

Soft cheeses:

  • Agnelet (like brie)
  • Le pavé du berger (whassed in trappist Rochefort beer)
  • Feuille de Luchy (marinated in white wine, wrapped in vine leaves)
  • Bècherin (like vacherirn)

Our cheeses Our cheeses Our cheeses Our cheeses Our cheeses Onze kazen Cheese in a salt bath Cheese in a salt bath

Blue cheese:

  • Bleu de scailton (matured in la Morépire, a slate mine in Bertrix, named after the mine worker)

Bleu de scailton Bleu de scailton Bleu de scailton Entree slate quarry Slate querry Bleu de scailton

For your receptions, desserts and cheese dinners, prepared cheese boards can be collected from the market or our farm, depending on the size of the cheese board and the distance.

Ice cream:

Thanks to the high egg white content of sheep milk, there is no need to add cream in order to obtain a smooth effect. Our ice creams are therefore “light” compared to classic ice cream.

All our ice creams are available: in one litre containers, in five litre containers by order or at the farm, in individual scoops.

The following flavours are available:

  • Milk whey sherbet: deliciously light and fresh
  • Yoghurt ice
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Mocha
  • Strawberry
  • Walnut with acorn syrup
  • Rum-raisin
  • Speculoos
  • Honey ice (with honey from Peter Otte)

Ice cakes and ice “lambs” are available by special order.


You can place a special order for lamb’s meat. Real Belgian domestic suckling lamb or a tasty peace of lamb’s meat. Smoked lamb sausage is available most of the year. Lamb’s pâté by order only.


Soft soap with a natural rose or lavender scent is produced from our sheep milk.